Anti-Bullying Awareness – Training for Parents (22.03.2018)


Anti-Bullying Awareness

Training for parents

A child’s safety both in and outside school will always be of paramount importance for any loving parent.  When asked, children and young people will tell us that bullying is one of their biggest concerns; it’s a concern for parents/carers to.  Internet safety is another major concern for parents.

This training will help parents look at the problems of bullying and how best to keep our children safe while on line.

The session will cover:

  • What is bullying
  • Signs and symptoms of bullying
  • Parent’s responsibilities
  • Equipping our children to deal with conflict
  • A schools responsibility
  • Bullying outside school
  • How to work with school staff when bullying happens
  • Cyber bullying and the dangers of chat-rooms/mobiles etc
  • Additional help and advice

The training is free and will last around 1 hour.

Where:       St Mary’s CE Primary School 

Date:          Thursday 22 March                        Time:         9-10am