Executive Principal’s Update – Funding

We are sure that many of you will be fully aware from the news that all schools, including St Mary’s are facing enormous cost pressures with a funding review that will potentially cause monetary issues to our schools. The money provided to run our schools has been consistent for the past few years. Whilst at first glance this may seem good we need to remember that there has been a huge increase in the costs of National Insurance and Pension contributions, this has impacted heavily on budgets. There is also a new levy for apprenticeships starting in April and this, coupled with higher costs for everything will mean that our school budgets will be the tightest they have ever been. The new funding coming into schools is in the main money to set up grammar schools and free schools. We are of course working hard on looking for savings through creative management of the budget. We will continue to keep you informed and of course our priority is to maintain, and develop further, the quality of education that your children deserve.

You can learn more about this, including how Southampton/Portsmouth is affected, on:



Thank you, your understanding is appreciated.

Llyn Codling, Executive Principal