Sports Premium

Sports Premium PE Funding

This funding is a payment to schools from Central Government and can only be spent on school sport and PE.  Schools can choose how best to use the funding to improve and add to the sport and PE provision to help children to develop healthy lifestyles. The funding should be used to build capacity and capability within schools to ensure that improvements made will benefit children joining the schools in future years.

In 2016/17, St Mary’s CE Primary received £10197 in funding.

The funding was spent on PE coaching and on lunchtime sports clubs.

Throughout the year, teachers from each year group were supported by external sports coaches to teach an identified unit of work from the Curriculum.  As well as having a noticeable impact on the confidence of staff when teaching the units, this support has provided teachers with a knowledge of innovative games which can be applied in a variety of contexts.

External sports coaches ran lunchtime clubs for each year group.  These clubs provided all children with the opportunity to take part in a variety of games whilst also developing team work and communication skills.

In 2017/18, it is anticipated that St Mary’s CE Primary will receive £22000 in funding.

See attached for more details  Sports Funding Action Plan 2019/20