St Mary's CE Primary School

Return to school arrangements - March 8th 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


Return to school Arrangements March 8th 2021


We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming your child back to school next week on Monday. We have been preparing and reviewing our school risk assessment to ensure that all children and staff can return to a Covid-safe school environment.

We are thankful for your support and the efforts you have made in working with us over this very challenging period. I hope that this will be the final lockdown.


School start times and finishing times-

To avoid congestion and maintain social distancing at these busy times, the start and end of the day we will continue to be staggered with children arriving/leaving in alphabetical order according to their surname. Can we remind all adults, that they need to be always maintaining social distancing and will need to wear a face covering on the playground (if you are exempt, please make yourself known to a member of school staff)


If your child’s surname begins with:

Drop off time

New collection time














It is vitally important that children arrive ON TIME each morning and are collected promptly at the end of the day. If a child is late and the children have already entered the building, then you must go to the office. They must not arrive before their allocated time each morning.


The school day breaktimes and lunchtimes

Due to ensuring that we keep children in their bubbles we have adapted break and lunchtimes so that children in a year group are together. The following times have been allocated for break and lunchtimes 


Year group




Year R


11.30am – 12.30 pm

Year 1

Year 2

10.25am – 10.40am

11.30am – 12.15pm

Year 5

Year 6

10.45am – 11.00am

12.05pm – 12.50pm

Year 3

Year 4

11.05am – 11.20am

12.40pm – 1.25pm



Bubble groups

The children will be in their classes and be part of a year group bubble. This will enable children to play and eat together with the children in their year groups.


Lunchtime arrangements and school meals

Our school cook is committed to ensuring that the children have access to a hot meal , however, we are unable to accommodate this for every child every day due to the space, staffing and time we have for lunch to be served. As from Monday 8th March we will be operating a rota. Reception children will be provided with a hot meal everyday (as they have their own dining area).

The following rota will be in operation up until the end of this term.


Weeks beginning

Hot school Meal

option only and own packed lunches

(Monday to Friday)

School Packed Lunch option only and own packed lunches

( Monday to Friday)

8th & 22nd March (Week 1 group)

Odd numbered year groups

Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5

Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6

15th & 29th March (Week 2 group)

Even numbered year groups

Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6

Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5


The children will eat lunch as a year group in class groups and cleaning will take place between year groups in the school hall. The year groups who have packed lunches for the week will have their school packed lunches delivered to their classrooms and will 

eat their meals in the classroom before going out for lunchtime play. This arrangement is welcomed as it enables each child to have access to hot meals for a complete week,

fortnightly up until the end of term. Please note the menu is unchanged and will remain as previously published.


Outstanding dinner monies

You should have been contacted over the last fortnight. Please can you ensure any outstanding balance is settled. You child will not be able to access school meal if there is a debt (unless your child is eligible for a free school meal). You should provide a packed lunch otherwise. If you have any questions or queries regarding signing up to Tucasi (our online payment portal), please contact Jo Knight Admin Assistant in the school office.


Curriculum Spring Term 2 Overviews

On our website you can access this half term’s learning overview for each year group. It is located at  Curriculum | St Mary's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School(


What can your child bring to school?

Your child will need their packed lunch (hard lunch box) unless they are having a school lunch. We are asking that children keep their lunchboxes in their classrooms under their tables. They will also need their own water bottle with their name on as the water fountains will be out of use. If your child has permission to bring their mobile phone into school, your child’s teacher will collect this and store it safely in the classroom, however we do request that unless absolutely necessary, your child leaves their mobile phone at home. A child may have the following in their book bag: water bottle, lunchbox, coat, hat, reading books. Please ensure other personal items are left at home to support the school not to have items that could cause a risk to others in the school.



We want all our children to be well presented for school and represent the school fully wearing school uniform. However, up until Easter we would like to ask that children wear uniform as a first choice, however, we are expecting children to have a change of clean clothes daily. This is to minimize the spread of the Covid- 19 virus in our school environment. This may present challenges for many families to ensure that school uniform is clean and fresh every day. We therefore will be allowing some flexibility regarding uniform to support parents during this time and so children may wear non-uniform clothing items(appropriate clothing only)  to ensure there is a daily change of clothing. This will be reviewed before the end of term, in light of any further government updates regarding risks related to Covid-19 transmission.


PE and sport- arrive in PE kit for PE days

Your child’s P.E days will be communicated to your child and communicated to you via letter or ParentMail on Monday 8th March. Your child will be allowed to arrive at school in their P.E kit on their P.E day.


Attendance expectations

All children are expected to return to school as normal as from Monday 8th March following government guidance. The only children we will not expect in school are those who we have been advised to shield. We expect children to be in school every day and on time. Please expect that if you child is absent you will receive a truancy call. Any requests for leave, will need you to submit a request form . This includes requests for medical appointments. As far as possible we recommend that parents make medical appointment preferably outside of the school day as we do want to minimise the loss of learning time for your child. Requests for holidays in term time will not be authorized. Please support us with this.


Lunchtime clubs provision

As from Monday we will also be offering some outdoor sports lunchtime provision through using the support of Active 360 sports coaches. This does not require the children to have a change of clothing as they are short sessions and playground based activities. After Easter our sport club provision will increase with after school club provision. More information will be provided before the end of this term.


Children with underlying health conditions

Please ensure you contact us at school to share information regarding any updates on your child’s health or medical needs. If you have received notification that your child may be at risk , please ensure we know.


Contacting school

It is preferable that contact is made with school via email or phone rather than in person at this time. We continue to limit the number of people in our school reception area at any time. Please only visit the reception if there is no alternative option. The school email is


Staff Lateral Flow Device Testing staff PPE

A number of our staff are involved in the self testing programme twice weekly in our school , supporting us to keep safe.


Marvellous Me app

You will have seen some information about a new communication app that we are launching this term called MARVELLOUS ME. On Monday your child will have a letter to share with you with your special sign -up code. Please do not lose the code. You can share this code with family members who would like to see good news items about your child’s learning in school. We are so excited about this and will be encouraging you to earn a Super Parent sticker when you sign up.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will continue as a platform to support homework and work will be uploaded. Recorded lessons will end on Monday 8th March. However, learning that is happening in the classroom will be uploaded daily for those pupils who are self-isolating. A dedicated member of staff is allocated to provide support to those children who remain working remotely as they are unable to be in school.



For the moment please ensure your child’s device is kept safe. During next week we will be communicating the process for returning devices to school for different classes.


Cashless school

After the Easter break, we intend to become a cashless school and any payments will need to be made via our online payment portal. Further information regarding how you can set this up before will be shared with you over the coming weeks.


The updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment

This will be available on the school website for the March 8th return as from Friday 5th March. If you have any concerns or need clarification on any matters related to the return to school, please do not hesitate to contact our school.


Breakfast Club

We will be providing a breakfast club once we have conducted the risk assessment. The breakfast club will not be running until at least the week beginning the 15th March.


Finally, this letter can be accessed on our school website on the NEWS and EVENTS tab under letters. If you click on the translate link in the bottom right- hand corner of the home page , select a language and it will be fully translated.


Your sincerely


Sandra Miller

Interim Headteacher