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Reading at St. Mary's

We teach whole-class reading sessions to all pupils from Nursery through to Year 6. The reading lessons develop the child's ability to read for meaning whilst prompting pupils to think deeply about the texts we have chosen for them to read.

Parent & Carer - Downloadable Reading Curriculum Plan

Our whole-class reading sessions:

  • Are not carousel activities without purpose. Each lesson has a specific focus with a learning intention and success criteria. The LI is woven around one of the content domains and the reading skill in focus.
  • Incorporate reading! As silly as it sounds, some learning experiences can be removed from the subject at hand. At St. Mary's each reading lesson includes children being read to (shared read) and some independent reading to practice the skill.
  • Are pitched using a text that sits above the average reading age of the pupils in the class. Therefore whilst we know that some children may find the text difficult to read independently, we are still exposing all children to rich and deep vocabulary.

Developing Reading Fluency

Incentivising reading at St. Mary's

Celebrating reading at St. Mary's

All children are encouraged to read beyond the remit of our daily homework. Our 'Get Caught Reading' approach encourages all children - in every phase - to engage in reading out of the context of their home learning.

Writing at St. Mary's

At St. Mary's we believe that a reciprocity between reading and writing teaching is vital to support pupils in their journey to become authors who can write for a variety of purposes.


Our pedagogical model is based on the principle of modelled instruction - using:

  • I DO (a model created by the teacher for the children to un-pick literary devices, skills and knowledge),
  • WE DO (a shared model co-produced by the children and the teacher where ideas can be elicited and displayed for all to see - demonstrating understanding of the skill taught).
  • YOU DO - the independent application/practise of the skill by the child.


We always teach writing 'in context'

Why is this important? Our pupils need to connect ideas/schema over time. Teaching unrelated content in an illogical sequence prevents pupils from knowing and remembering more. What does this mean? We do not teach grammar or punctuation skills that may be appropriate to the year group but are disconnected to the current audience/purpose of writing. Further, we expect teachers to think carefully about how to embed the knowledge and skills being taught - rather than using commercial worksheets or poorly sequenced learning derived from other sources.

Primary League Stars - Literacy Support 2022

Our children are excited to work with partners Southampton Football Club and their Primary League Stars programme - this year focusing on Literacy and promoting wellbeing through their sports and phonics programme. Here, you will hear from our articulate, brilliant pupils!

St. Mary's children and their experiences

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