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Medical Needs

What is a medical needs plan?

At St. Mary's some of our children have medical needs/conditions that require the use of medicine or carefully tailored plans to ensure that they can access the curriculum and school life just like their peers. 


Medical needs plans are co-produced between:

  • Healthcare (Nurses, School Nurse, GP and Hospital Medical Teams)
  • Parents/Carers
  • School staff


Medical plans are typically written by a senior staff member, under the guidance of the SENCo (Leanne Scott). The meetings scheduled take place termly to ensure that we are aware of any up-to-date medical guidance and/or changes to your child's medical condition.

Can I just leave medicine at school if my child needs it?

If your child is prescribed a medication for a short period - for example: because of an infection or due to illness, we will work with you to ensure that this can be administered in school - as per the guidance from medical professionals. This ensures that your child is able to attend school regularly and does not regress academically.


Before handing in the medication - a staff member will need to meet with you to complete a medical needs plan to make sure that school have enough details and information related to the illness/need.


Note: we do not hold over-the-counter medicines such as Calpol/Ibuprofen. Parents are welcome to come in to administer these medicines - but we cannot do this unless guided by medical professionals.

What if my child has a more severe illness?

Where a child is diagnosed with an illness that compromises their ability to maintain a tangible link to full-time education, we will work alongside you and the medical team to ensure continuity of care for your child.


Sometimes, it may be necessary to contact the hospital school to share curriculum objectives, or our understanding of your child's current academic performance. It may also be necessary for us to provide work-packs and video lesson guidance. Where we can, we will try to accommodate LIVE teaching to ensure that your child maintains a connection with school.


St. Mary's Medical Needs Co-Ordinator

Ms Leanne Scott - SENCo



What does the Medical Needs Plan look like? What information will I need to provide?

My child has intimate care needs 

For children who need routine or occasional intimate care (e.g. toileting or accidents), parents will be asked to sign a consent form.


Children with more complex needs, where those needs sit outside of the support covered in the permission form, will have an intimate care plan created in discussion with parents/carers.


Where there isn't an intimate care plan or parental consent for routine care in place, parental permission must be sought before performing any intimate care procedure. Parents will be contacted via telephone immediately to seek permission to change your child. However, if the school is unable to contact you, and an intimate care procedure needs to be carried out, the procedure will be carried out to ensure that your child is comfortable and their dignity respected. The school will inform you immediately.


Our policy aim is to protect the dignity of the child - whilst ensuring that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect staff. The policy takes into account statutory safeguarding guidance - including Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022


Safeguards for staff at St. Mary's include:

  • Intimate care procedures taking place in pairs, always.
  • Staff receiving training - whether online or face-to-face on policy and procedures.
  • For children with complex needs, who may be older, agreeing protocols that maintain the child's dignity.

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