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School Clubs

Extended Curriculum Provision at St. Mary's

All after-school clubs, run by school staff, are offered free of charge at St. Mary's - this is to widen equality of opportunity and to ensure that every child benefits from a rich curriculum diet to support their learning.


Our clubs intend to widen access to our pupils to a greater choice of subjects and areas of interest. Some of the clubs are run for pupils within a key stage - others are open to all ages. Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are welcome and encouraged to join our extra curricular provision.

How do parents sign up to clubs?


Clubbly is an online platform that parents and carers can 'sign up' for their child to attend an after-school provision. Clubbly has been in operation at St. Mary's since March 2022, when parents alerted the new Headteacher to inconsistencies in the previous approach to obtaining places for clubs. This ensures a fair and transparent approach - ensuring that there is true equality of opportunity for our pupils.

What sort of things do you offer?


Clubs - 2022Curriculum Links & Offer
Calligraphy club

Links to Art, English and mark-making (EYFS)


Every child should learn to write beautifully. At Calligraphy club, pupils are taught how to create a script that looks professional and how to use the tools effectively.

Gardening club

Links to Science, Understanding the World (EYFS) and DT (Food)


Pupils are developing a love of nature through the roof-top terrace on St. Mary's school roof. Up there, opportunities flourish to learn more about the growth of plants and how we can benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

Choir - Singing club

Links to Music, Personal Development and English


Pupils have the opportunity to join in with singing - whether an amateur or someone with a strong musical background!

Drama club

Links to English, Music and Art


Pupils experience the art of Drama from all disciplines - play script making/writing, acting and understanding the art of 'impersonating a character' to singing and performance skills.

Arabic Calligraphy club

Links to Art 


Pupils learn about Arabic calligraphy and the artistic practice of handwriting based on the Arabic alphabet. It is known in Arabic as khatt (Arabic: خط), derived from the word 'line', 'design'.

Crafting club

Links to PD (gross and fine motor skills EYFS), Art, DT.


Pupils are immersed in all kids of craft activity. Learning how to appreciate the resources we have around us - through junk modelling - to learning how to use materials in different ways (sewing and weaving).

Lego club

Links to Art


Pupils choose lego club for its escapism. At Lego club, you can make whatever you want to. It's an open group where discussion is led by pupils through their own interests. 

School Orchestra - coming Autumn 2022

Links to Music & Personal Development


In 2022, our Music provision is expanding and tuition to learn an instrument will become the reality for every child. Why not put those skills to good use and become a member of our orchestra?


External Clubs - Paid

The school works alongside Active Me 360 to offer some parent-paid-for clubs in Sports. These rotate termly and parents are sent out information via email.


In addition to after-school clubs, there are holiday camps also operated by the same company using St. Mary's Church of England School Site!

Evaluating our extra curricula offer

Ms Berry meets termly with our School Council to discuss the clubs on offer - this is an opportunity for the student body to canvas ideas for new clubs. For example in 2022, pupils told us they wanted us to create a free, tuition-led, orchestra. In September 2022, with the help of Southampton Music Provision - this will be a reality!


The Headteacher and Senior Team evaluate the club offer by popping in to observe the interaction, engagement and learning of children. Where clubs have a low-uptake - we make decisions on whether or not it is feasible to continue or to change the clubs.

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