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Welcome from Executive Headteacher - Mr Constable-Phelps


A warm welcome to St. Mary's Church of England Primary School, Southampton.


I am proud to lead a school, in the City of Southampton, where so much opportunity exists for our children.


We are a large and very diverse setting with languages spoken totalling more than 35! We celebrate our multiculturalism and remain a supportive, local school connected to the St. Mary's community.


Our school motto is simply to 'be the best version of yourself'. It pervades everything we ask of the children and all decisions adults at the school make. We ask pupils and staff to reflect on whether they've been the best version of themselves - remembering that every day marks a new opportunity to improve.


In Spring 2022, we launched an exciting curriculum. It is a curriculum that I am familiar with having helped to develop it, whilst a school improvement lead at Lion Academy Trust. Since implementing the curriculum at St. Mary's, pupils are thriving! There now exists a thirst from our pupils to absorb, learn and do more. Staff appreciate the fact that they are receiving bespoke subject knowledge development whilst we have actively diminished lesson planning and traditional marking!


Our mission to transform children's lives is rooted in our Christian foundation and through our aspirational aims for every child through service to the community and God.


Our school is not defined by its context. Instead, leaders are resilient in ensuring that context doesn't place a ceiling limit on the learning experiences of our students. To achieve this we collectively uphold a culture of 'whatever it takes'. Every decision centres on providing the very best we can for the children in our care; no matter what barriers exist along that path - we will help every child to succeed.


Right now, St. Mary's is a buzz of excitement and change - come and see what we are doing for our pupils and this community!


Mr Daniel Constable-Phelps

Executive Headteacher | St. Mary's Church of England VC Primary School, Southampton


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